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Old poll, only use if u want me to add a song to the new polls or for comments, otherwise I'm not gonna update the old poll anymore, try new one please. Best Album: Tie, Call the Doctor and Dig Me Out
Best Song: Good Things

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updated! 12/01

ok most sites haven't been updated since 2000, but some are, yay!! for them.

links to articles and reveiws (ok i haven't updated this for about 2 or more years, better just avoid this link)

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Sleater-Kinney. Whoa. Yowzers. Explosive but not scary. I can't put this stuff on to go to sleep, yet it soothes my soul. Corin's screams may annoy some but grabs for my attention. So I happily listen to Sleater-Kinney, Call the Doctor, and Dig Me Out right along with my Grease soundtrack and Portishead. Yes, "we go together..." Excellent(Mr. Burns' style).

Polls work for now. I finally update! Links updated. Anyone care?
Here's a review from Here's an interview with Corin from Addicted to Noise. An interview with Carrie from The Onion. Another article. Cnn article from Hot Rock era. Barnes and noble interview? Hmm there's a lot out there... =^) And they were Time's rock band of the year or something, out in the summer '01. Man, I need to update more.(12/01)

heres a link about an old (9/2000) concert review at Roxy.

Sleater-Kinney's newest album "All Hands on the Bad One" is out now.

Get it at CDNOW Check the news button for more up to date news and reviews.

Here's something about a video Sleater-Kinney did. Read a review of a live show on Rolling Stone!!

In the Spin (March 99) there is a small article on Sleater-Kinney w/ 2 pics and a review of "The Hot Rock".

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Sleater-Kinney are in the year in review Rolling Stone

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