Bowling, Pool Hall Style

February 27, 2004. We were going to go bowling, but since bowling is trendy we ended up pooling it. Was going to post on VSA site, but we're...multicultural. Nothing wrong with that.
Let the good times roll.

Moxley's Ice Cream. Youshan's in a pic!
We will mess you up, biotch!
Po pooling it.
Me slummin. I thought we were going to bowl.
Pool shots look good in general.
Two of my best buds.
It's Ajay Superstar! Let's hope he doesn't read this.
"You superstar." or "I'll be Bombay dreaming." Another person that shouldn't read this.
This is where I put a disclaimer to enjoy and not be offended. :)
Hehe, this makes me LOL.
Chris always seems to smile into the camera.
Ladies, I'm here all night.
I'm gonna BS. But we're playing Asshole!
Let's toast to VSA Bowling.

Created: March 23, 2004