Tet 2004: Monkey Business

Mccoy Multipurpose Room, January 31, 2004.


Pretty decorations

Tony, it's on.

Freshman!! :)

Food. Yum.

Po and Jimbo


I just got out of bed.

Everyone looks not good

Eating, it's what we do.



Bo Cua!

Everyone looks happy

Shake it, like a plas-a-tic bowl.

Must win.

Freshman again!

Guests from VA!

Three strange people.

Go Tony!

Too lazy to type more. It's the afterparty. P.s. no one be offended at any comments. :)
Orgo, oh no!
Jimmy happy
Yushan doing what she does best.
Beer makes me happy.
Please don't BS me.
Chin looks excited
There I am.
Monk-eys as my bro would say.
Yes, beer..
Death Stare. Yushan, watch out for her.