Spring Fair 2004

Gilman parking lot, April 23-25, 2004.


Porto and Munyaradzi

Chris, Anthony and Eric

Hanh, what's up

Spring Fair

Sugar sugar!!

Peter, long time

Youshan imitating my whip

Y, David and Norris

Presenting Classico brand

Food + Tam = Happiness

Ky and Tony

Po, Ky, Chunwoo, and Huong


Chunwoo and Huong


Ky and Chun

Po and John

We be drinkin

Youshan must have said something

Too many

Himali, Yoojin and Johnny

Best part

Something funny happened

Robin and our kickass sign


Me, after day three.

Peace, Nelson

Wing Chun master

Mike in thought

April 25, 2004