Senior Week (and a half)

May 7-May 19, 2004.


Events: mattin pARTy, [pause for last exam], made a video, Vacarros, Jdrama with Chris, Trashy Balcony Chill Out, The Big Show at Creative Alliance, Patterson Park, Eternal Sunshine @ The Charles, Wilmer Luncheon, Printing party, Tour of Bmore, Rocky Run, Pub Crawl at Power Plant Live, Turtle Derby, Inner Harbor, Fells Point, BBQ, Cousins Party, Six Flags and Himali's Party..
It's been fun.


Chin at Mattin pARTy

"John" and John

Jen, H, Me, Yooj

Chris always says no.

Priya repz the West Side

Dell balcony. That's the life.

Youshan at the Big Show

"Fields of barley"

Patterson Park

Carol and Harry

Rocky Run

The Passion of Himali

H, M, Y and Ellen

Vogueing, she says

Thuy, Kim, H

Sweaty Rodrigo

Jess, my Freshman roomie

Reliving CMSC days

H and Po @ Turtle Derby

Harry and Shriver

Chin and H on water taxi

Chin and Andrew

Just the Three of us

Just the Two of us

John gets approval

Outside of Max's

Such is life. Damn good.

SungWoo and John.

Me and Baoie.

Bao and Chae

My coz and his friend

Chae and Titi.

Me, Chae and Kim.

At Six Flags.

Uh oh, it's that kind of party

Jim, long time

Hizzo, Thuy and Pdiddy

Sharifa + 3

Ivonne back there

Yes it was fun

Lifting with Lee's help

Carry me home


Carry ME

May 16, 2004