Californiaaaa...I mean Marylanddddd

May 31-June 2, 2004.

Last Blast at the OC.

Outside the buffet

Um, our gang signs

Late night life guards

Henna anyone?


Duc and owner, aka "Tip me New Jersey"

"Buttcrack tattoo"

Genie in a Bottle

Palm tree

Himali and the beach

Someone's excited for DDR

Guns but no cash money or hos

Chris on the Boardwalk

Duy waiting for lemonade

Assawoman Dr.

Posing by another landmark

Hien catching a frisbee

Cman playing

Ad for wiffle ball scoops

Outside alcohol store

The OC

Sunset time

Setting on the golf course

Getting ready for a bowling brawl


X for the Strike!


You're the outlaw!


Someone's been drinking

OH yeah, raised eyebrow time

Last brunch, eastern shore omelets

Getting gas, I document everything

How fitting

Family pics

June 21, 2004