Intersession 2004

What I did on my winter vacation at school.

HienWhen we hang out it's usually Popeyes and Guitar. No different this day.
Went home to get wisdom teeth out. My IV wound
Nother from that day. It must have been the drugs. J/K
Health Fair at Cho Tet. Himali and Hien playing doctor.
Health Fair. :-D
Going by Wheaton means..Eating at Pho Hiep Hoa or going to Grandma's. Did both. Here's Tru-dawg.
Afterwards..More guitar with Hien and Po
Volunteered for VACSC with Hien
Thai tonight..with Munyaradzi, Tam and Hien
Celebrated Tet with my Family
Last day at Child Psych Research. :( Sean, Diedre, and Sam. They are the best!
Lisa and Sam
Nicole and Jessica Started working with Nicole.
Spent the evening in with Yoojin! I'm the paparazzi.
Snowed and that means Pictures! JHU i'll miss you. Or just the people here.
Akbar with Yoojin and Robin. I'll miss you Baltimore
Tony and Jimmy at VATV fundraiser.
Chris came back! And life is good.

updated: 01-26-04