May 20-21, 2004


I was too busy playing that I forgot why I was here. Then it hit me. Ahhhhh. Was nervous when the people in front of me started standing to walk. Then I was nervous walking, high heels. That walk back to the seats was so long... But then it was over. Yay!! Back to partying like I'll probably never do again. Commencement went fast. Bill Cosby was the speaker and we had a streaker. Score. Kim, Mimi and I took a taxi home coz our feet hurt. Cau Tho joked that while other families were busy taking pictures we rushed home to eat, because we know what is important. Too many people in the family. Another graduate next week. But only one from JHU. ;)

Uh oh, I'm nervous


Holy Crap, I graduated

Yes, yes yes

Oh yeah!

Ok, Family first

Food second

Bro and Grandma

You show up and get a job

Po ran

Trung and Sarah

Chris family and mine

Himali, C, Mimi

Mickey Mouse & Peter Pan

Sneak attack

Andy and Geoff

Roomies on the big day

What the Pho



Uh oh, bad sister.

Shots taste nasty

Dell house hallway

Off we go

Robin and Yoojin

Too little time

With Tricia, beach?

Himali and Nisha

Candy and Hanh

Me, Candy, and fzx

My bro being bad

Levering Hall, :'(

Levering Grad Party

Sharifa, H, Kemi, Me

What what, Helena

Oh Brother

Me and Rodrigo

Finally, I get picked up



May 23, 2004